Chapter 13

The Great Grandchildren Keep the Family Growing


Tracing the lives of each of the twenty-three grandchildren of William George Nixey and Charlotte née Pitt inevitably led to my finding numerous great grandchildren, in fact, I’ve found twenty-two so far. Out of all of them, only Charles Bridges Stevens died during childhood. Many of them have interesting tales to tell in their own right. In time, this chapter will be extended as their individual stories are added. It’s very interesting to note that none of the grandchildren nor great grandchildren were given Nixey as a second or third forename, but other family surnames were sometimes included.

Name  |  Birth Year  |  Mother’s Maiden Name

  • William Vivian Douglas-Jones  1895  Secker
  • Hazel Chown Lloyd  1895  ––
  • Gwynedd Maud May Jones  1897  Secker
  • Thomas Dennis Collingwood Chown  1897  Crofts
  • Marian Collingwood Chown  1898  Crofts
  • Jessie Elian Douglas-Jones  1898  Onslow-Secker
  • Hubert Eric Charles  1898  Collingwood
  • Gerald Onslow Secker  1900  Brunton
  • Gwenyth Chown  1901  Crofts
  • Leonard Compton Chown Charles  1901  Collingwood
  • Derek Howard Secker  1902  Brunton
  • Lorna Elizabeth Secker  1909  Salmon
  • Edward John Richard Secker  1910  Salmon
  • Charles Bridges Stevens  1911  Moore
  • Diana Mary Stevens  1916  Moore
  • Margaret Bridges Stevens  1919  Campbell
  • Martin Heath  1920  Mills
  • Richard Bridges Stevens  1920  Campbell
  • George Thomas Bridges Stevens  1922  Moore
  • Catherine Bridges Stevens  1923  Campbell
  • George Heath  1924  Mills
  • Marianne Bridges Stevens  1932  Campbell